Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sleeping in Your Makeup Could Age Your Skin by 10 Years

I know its annoying, I know we forget or sometimes it seems like there just are not enough hours in the day and for some people that extra 2 minutes may seem better spent in bed than washing their makeup off , I promise you if you care in anyway about how you look and how hygienic you are, it really isn't

Its important to cleanse your face before bed not only to remove your make-up but also to remove all the dirt and dust your skin has been exposed to throughout the day.

Here is what happens when you don't

Faster aging skin
You will be sorry... as the accumulation of environmental pollutants, which drive the generation of free radicals contribute to the breakdown of collagen and elastin. These are the structures that underpin your youthful skin and  while they deteriorate with age, by not removing your make-up you are speeding the aging process up.

Clogged pores/Breakouts
When you sleep your body temperature rises, it happens everyone. This is going to cause your pores to open up while you're sleeping and all of the day-old makeup you had on your face will seep right into your open pores and completely clog them up and could cause black head or whitehead breakouts.

Continuously enlarging pores
Once your pores are enlarged, they are not going to smooth back out and shrink to their normal size as easily. Collagen is running out every day because we're aging, and not taking makeup off is only going to aid the process of enlarging those pores and making it harder to clean them out when you do decide to.

Dead skin build up
Your skin cells turn over in your sleep, and with makeup on, cell turnover becomes a much longer, more tedious process for your skin. The oxygen flow is cut off, which is going to either breakout out or worse let all the dead skin on your face build up.

If you are reading this thinking 'I sleep in my makeup and my skin is just fine', come back in 10 years and tell me the same thing.

Here is an interesting experiment that was carried out on the Daily Mail, showing how skin can age up to 10 years in just 4 weeks.

Its never to late to start incorporating this into your bedtime routine. I will post soon with some of my favourite cleansers and some quick/easy options too.

Ashley :)

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  1. I always wash my face before bed-it's the one thing I really try to be strict on! I really think it can make a huge difference too!
    Great post!



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