Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My Summer Essentials - Number 3 Kérastase Solei (Review)

So the sun has taken his hat off and has had enough playing for one summer or so it looks like for us in Ireland anyway. There is still a good month or so left of "the summer" so some of you lucky ducks might have a sun holiday or two planned. If you do Kérastase Soliel is defiantly an essential for your suitcase. I have used this both this year and last and managed to get through almost a full bottle each summer!

Kérastase Soliel Micro-Voile Protecteur is a leave-in spray that has UV filters to protect colour-treated hair from sun damage and that is exactly what it does. Being a unnatural blonde, my hair is already colour damaged as is any unnatural blonde hair. The thought of being in the sun for 2 weeks always worried me because throughout the years I would come home with really dry hair and even more split ends! Until my lovely hairdresser Tina from Salon Zeba recommended I take this on holiday with me last year and what a difference I noticed. 

I used this approximately 3 - 4 times every day and carried in my bag at all times during the day. A couple of sprays before I went out into the sun, a couple more after at mid-day, some more after swimming and then if we were still out in the early evening some more then too! I know that sounds like a bit OTT but the truth is after the first day I was addicted. My hair had never looked so good on holiday. It gave it that really 'beach wave' look that I had always tried to achieve but never really managed as I don't have the thickest or longest hair in the world

Hair styled using only Kérastase Soliel Micro-Voile Protecteur 
No blowdrying or any heat styling whatsoever (It was very windy!)

It contains a Photo-Défense Filter and a blend of mineral oils help to resist humidity and water, acting as a barrier against chlorine, salt and the sun. The directions say you can apply this before or during exposure to the sun, sea or chlorinated water. It tells you to spray liberally from root to tip on dry or damp hair and to re-apply regularly for maximum protection. 

This retails at between €23 - €25 and is available in most hair salons that stock Kérastase products. So weather your blonde or not this is a highly recommended summer product that will protect your hair colour and enhance shine. It goes without saying too that if you are going into the sun make sure to wear a hat as much a possible. 

If there are any other sun protectors you find work brilliantly I would love to hear about them! Sun trip planned next February! 

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