Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide for Him from €35 - €399

This for me tends to be the million dollar question...what do I buy him for Christmas! Weather its my boyfriend, my Dad, my Granddad, whoever it is, when its a man I find it sooo tricky!

For this one I called in the help of my boyfriend John. Between us we came up with 10 gifts ranging from €35 - €399 that we think will be a great hit with your 'him' this Christmas.

FIFA 14 €51.99

When I first asked John about doing this post, this was the first thing he said. Admittingly I never ever would have thought of a soccer game. Apparently its one of the better ones and should go down a treat for any Xbox or PS lover. Priced online at €51.99 it wont break the bank either! You can get it online from Argos.

Philips Laser Guided Trimmer €106.39

There are lots of different trimmers you can buy ranging in prices from €20 upwards but if your him likes to keep that designer stubble in check and will be using it a lot then we would suggest this one from Philips. It has recently been awarded silver in the Beauty Awards 2013 and is available from Boots for €106.39
Clarins Men Collection - Grooming Essentials €45
We all know men and skincare can be a bit of a hit and miss but from my experience I have found that the majority of men don't understand what the different 'creams' do and when to use them so just dont. Then again there are some very well kept men who use a wealth of different things, either way I think this is a great gift. Clarins skincare for men is up there with the best... lets face it its more than likely just regular Clarins products repackaged but either way, its great. In this set you get Super Moisture Balm, Exfoliating Cleanser, Anti-fatigue eye serum, Smooth shave foam and a wash bag.. if bought separately this would be £68 but you can buy it for £35/€45 online here
Michael Kors - Sports Brown Leather Mens Watch €225
A watch is a very personal thing so this particular one may not suit your 'him' but we both love this. Its right on trend, comfortable and not too in your face. Available from House of Fraser in Dundrum and its online here. If this is a little over budget but you love the watch Fossel have an extremely similar one!

Nike Flynite Lunar +1 €175

For those fitness fanatics we have picked a really great pair of runners. These are ultra- lightweight and fit like a second skin. The material allows for lots of breathability, stretch and support. I think they look great too! Available from any Nike stockist and online here.

Viktor & Rolf - Spicebomb €57

Oh my god! This smells AMAZING!!! Like seriously sexy stuff comes out of this bottle. Its all in the name really 'spicebomb' that's what it smells like... an infusion of alluring man spices! I love this and if you want to give the gift of sexy to your boyfriend this Christmas this is how to do it! Available in Boots from €57

Microlighting Flying Lesson - €95

This is more of an unusual one, we think it will definitely get a thumbs up from your 'him'. Microlights are small light aircraft designed for fun flying, some of them have an open cockpit...completely adds to the thrill! If you want to go for something a little different I think this is a great idea. Available from Great Days Out.

Sony Walkman Waterproof MP3 Player €60

Again for the sporty type this is a brilliant invention. Its an MP3 player that you can use when swimming, running and other sports. This gives 8 hours of play time and has a quick charge, you can just drag and drop songs into your play library and its designed to stay in-ear when action is fast and wet. Available on amazon here.

PS4 Console €399

When it comes to games and consoles I am completely lost but word on the street has it that this is set to be the number one big boys toy this Christmas. With powerful graphics and speed, intelligent personalisation, social capabilities and second screen features topping the PS3. It hasn't been released but is available to pre-order from Gamestop here.

Solex Mini Football Table €35
Definitely one for those big boys, this is a great gift for the right person! I like the fact its a table top game so you can store it away when its not in use. Its not like a whole table taking up space! :) Available on amazon here.
I hope this list we compiled has given you some inspiration and ideas of what you can get the men in your life this Christmas.
Happy Shopping!
Ashley :)

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