Thursday, 18 July 2013

Review - Nimue Adult Spot Treatment

My skin has been pretty much blemish-less for the last 3 months or so and then last week out of nowhere I got a spot on my cheek. (I know I'm very lucky to just have one spot in the last 3 months so I am definitely not complaining)

I remembered that the lovely Daria from The Beauty Salon at the Camden Court Hotel had given me the Nimue Adult Spot Treatment about a year ago when my skin wasn't so great, I was reluctant to use it at the time as I was in a routine that was slowly working and I didn't want to rock the boat! I thought it would be a good exercise to use it on this one blemish and see what the results are like and I am very impressed!

I applied this for the last three nights and the results have been amazing. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of before night 1 when I started treatment but trust me it was double the size of below. 

Results after night 1:
The spot had reduced in size by almost half and the treatment had dried it out.

Results after night 2: 
Redness was almost completely gone and blemish was reduced further in size
Results after night 3:
I woke up this morning and I'm pleased to say the spot has disappeared! I don't even need to use it for a fourth night! Blemish free just in time for the weekend! :)

One bad point is that it comes with a built-in brush applicator which isn't the most hygienic at the best of times never mind when your rubbing it on acne. I would recommend using your finger to apply this ensuring the brush doesn't get contaminated.

The treatment is recommend to be used in conjunction with Nimue Core treatment products to enhance the skin healing process of problematic skin but for this one blemish I didn't bother changing any other part of my routine.

The advanced ingredients in the treatment tare Neem, Tea tree and Argania Spinosa Kernel Oils, Seboregulating Complex and Gylcoproteins.

This retails at €17.50 in Ireland but I can't seem to find anywhere you can purchase this online that will deliver. You can buy it direct from The Beauty Salon at the Camden Court

Let me know what gives the best results for managing breakouts!

Ashley :)
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