Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Winter Essentials #2 - Chapped Lips

Lets face it we can all think of way nicer things than having chapped lips. They feel nasty, sore, sometimes bleed and what gets me most is that your lipstick looks just awful when applied over chapped lips.

With their really thin layers of skin they are much more likely than the rest of the face to dry out, especially with the winter elements mixed in.

So here's how to fight the freeze this winter...

1. Lip Scrub - If at all possible incorporate a lip scrub once a week into your skin care routine. Just as your face and body need exfoliating, your lips do too. There are lots of super easy DIY lip scrub recipes available online but if your the type of gal who doesn't have the time to be flapping around with brown sugar and olive oil then I recommend this one from Lush. It smells super nice and does a really good job!

2. Use lip balm - I know this step probably seems like the most obvious but, you shouldn't just use lip balm when your lips are chapped, you should use it regularly throughout the day for the entire winter to help prevent them becoming chapped! One of my favourite brand is Figgs & Rouge Lip Balms, they are 100% organic and really lock in the moisture! 

3. Wear a scarf - You might just think of a scarf as something you need to keep you warm in winter but in actual fact if your out in the cold air, you should really be bringing that scarf right up to cover your lips. This will make a big difference, especially if you tend to regularly be in the cold weather walking to work/school etc.

What NOT to do..

Don't Lick Your Lips - Although we have an instinct to lick our lips when they feel dry this actually makes chapping worse as saliva evaporates and will dry your lips further.

Don't Peel or bite  - This will just slow down the healing process and irritate your lips further, sometimes making them bleed and causing a lot of discomfort.

How do you usually combat the chapped lip situation in winter? I would be interested to hear what scrubs/ balms you like to use!?

Ashley :)
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