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No7 Free Gift - Product Reviews

No7 are giving a free gift in Boots at the moment and if you buy any two No7 products you get it. (While stocks last)

The free gift is this really cute makeup bag with 5 products inside. There is nothing like a free gift to push me into buying something! I am not usually a big No7 fan and sometimes find the products overpriced for what you get however, I did really like the lip stains they have at the moment and I was buying one so I bought two instead just to get my hands on the below! I have gone through all 5 products in this post to let you know if there was any fab finds!

Lets start with the good...This lip gloss is gorgeous, the colour looks beautiful on and it lasts well! You get a full size of their High Shine lip gloss in the colour Coral Kiss. I have never tried these before, as I said No7 isn't normally a brand I buy, I normally just get something small if Boots give out their €5 off No7 vouchers. The High Shine lip gloss retails at €11 and the next time I'm passing I will be having a look at their other shades

The next thing I did like but to be honest probably wont repurchase due to the €25.25 price tag, is the Airbrush Away Primer. It is fab on the skin, but most primers are apart from a few bad ones out there. It's definitely one of the better No7 products I have used but considering their other primers retail around €13 - €16 for a 40ml tube, I just don't see why this is costs almost double that for 30ml tube.

I also got to try this Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser out and I did really love it on. It gives you a really healthy natural glow for the no makeup days when you just need that little something. For the full size it costs €14.95, I wouldn't be rushing in to buy it but I would definitely get it if I got one of those €5 off No7 vouchers, it would be a real bargain then! 
Now the products that I would have no problem telling you NEVER to spend your money on are the Extreme Length Waterproof Mascara (Full size €16.25) and the Stay Perfect eye shadow (Full size €9.25) 

The mascara may live up to the waterproof part of the name but it definitely doesn't do anything to lengthen your lashes; it leaves your eyelashes really hard and quite thin looking. 

The eye shadow is the worst out of the lot, Im not mad about lilac colour eyeshadow anyway, this one is quite 'grainy' and feels really chalky on your skin. It doesn't last on your eyelids and the pigment is really poor. 

I'm not complaining I mean the products were free and as I said I find No7 can be quite hit and miss anyway. Let me know if you have tried any No7 product recently and what you thought of them. If theres a hidden gem in the bunch and I haven't discovered it yet I would love to know! 

Ashley :)

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  1. I just bought the No.7 Stay Perfect foundation and LOVE it, I got the colour match test done in store and it looks way better than the beiger make ups I was wearing before!

    Shame these weren't as good as you were hoping! I seen this offer recently and was actually quite interested in it, thanks for the review :) nice blog!

    Lorraine xx

    1. much is the foundation? I must get matched and have a test next time Im in Boots! Thanks for the tip! :)

      I have just started doing YouTube videos heres the link to my July faves... if you like it would you give it a thumbs up etc.! Thanks Lorraine! :)



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