Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Dainty Jewelry Trend I'm Loving

So we all know that the statement necklace isn't going anywhere anytime soon but I have to say after years of hording some fab statement pieces that make that ordinary outfit outstanding I am lovingly embracing the beautiful dainty jewelry I have seen in high-street shops lately.

I have picked some of my favorites to show you, most of which I am lusting after!
I found a lot of really cute great quality pieces from different shops on Etsy.com

Gold Circle Bracelet

I am loving this bracelet from MoonliDesigns on Esty.com
I think the simplicity of this  eternity ring in and thin chain is what I love about it. Priced at just €18.49 + €3.99 postage!

Personalised Necklace

With a twist on the regular name chain necklaces I am 100% adding this to my wishlist! They are both from OneLifeJewlery again on Esty.com and are made in 14k gold at €51.06 for the long bar and €45.56 for the rectangular bar + €3.75PP. I love them both!

Knuckle Rings

There was a time when I couldn't get enough of giant oversize cocktail rings but now I am gravitating towards the more dainty ones just like the above knuckle rings. Although I don't yet own any, I have been actively on the look out for one and surprise surpise I found some on Esty.com 
These open heart ones from LettersEarings shop are just €10.84 + €3.14PP 
I wouldn't be keen on wearing all 3 of these together mind you! 
If the heart shapes are not to your taste you should still find something with so many to choose from on this site.

What jewelry trends have you been loving this summer? If anyone has any other dainty jewelry finds I would love to see them! 

Ashley :)

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