Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Chunky Watch Ain't Dying

It's been on trend for the last 3 years or so and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon but I'm not complaining! I may like the dainty rings and necklaces at the moment but you just cant beat a good chunky watch to lift up an outfit!

Rachel Zoe, fashion stylist and major icon was asked if she could only wear one piece of jewelry for the rest of her life, besides her engagement ring, what would it be...can you guess what she said?
"Honestly, a watch, a really chunky watch."

Here are some of my personal favorite chunky watches, theres a mixture of both high street and brand names here.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Gold Link Watch
This has to be at the top of the list as its at the top of my lust list at the moment. I just love the simpleness of the strap links and the branded round face. The coloured stone detail in the face is just fab! For whatever reason the photo is making the gold in this look really tacky but I don't think it's quite as yellow when you see it. This is available to buy in House of Fraser in Dundrum or you can get it here on ASOS for €242.55

River Island Large Boyfriend Watch
Hats off to River Island, this is gorgeous! It looks so much more expensive that it's €44.50 price tag. I love the duo colour, sliver and the rose gold tone. I'm loving rose gold at the moment, have been for the last year! This doesn't seem to be available on River Islands website but is in stock on

River Island Gold Bling Sarika Watch

For something a with a little more bling I think this is a fab find yet again from River Island. Priced at just €33, although it doesn't feel as solid as the real gold Marc Jacobs one it definitely does the chunky watch job!

Michael Kors Rose Gold Chronograph Watch 
So continuing with my love for rose gold, this is a gorgeous piece with just the right amount of bling for me. I bought this a year ago and have worn it so much, I don't wear it every single day as some times I feel like its a little too much for the office but lately I have been using it during the day more often. I find this really lifts an outfit up and its actually on sale. It was originally €343.30 but its now available for €274.38 here on ASOS. 

Marc by Marc Jacob Pink Blade Two-toned Watch

To be honest this and the first Marc Jacobs Gold Link Watch are both up there with the 'need to have them in my life' labels for me. This is so gorgeous and the black makes it stand out so much more than the normal yellow and rose gold chunky pieces. I think this is more wearable everyday for people who don't want to go OTT wearing their chunky bling to the office but is still a fab night time piece too. Unfortunately I can't find anywhere legit to get these online but theres a good chance that House of Fraser in Dundrum are stocking this too, I believe its priced at €220 or there abouts. 

What one is your favorite? If you have seen any other fab chunky watch trend pices about would love to see them so leave a link! 

Ashley :)

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